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Enhancing Intimacy & Connection in Your Relationship

Are you and your partner feeling stuck or in the same old routine? Questioning how you ended up here again?  Struggling to create deeper meaning and connection with each other?  We may be able to help.  We can work together to bring awareness to unknown patterns that may have you stuck.  Many patterns in your current relationship are based on what you learned early in life and are out of your awareness.  By bringing these underlying patterns to light and facing how they show up in your current relationship, we can learn to overcome them.  Improving your understanding of yourself, your partner, and your past, can help you remove obstacles, and enhance your connection and satisfaction with your partner., so that you can have a more fulfilling relationship. 

We will work with you to bring awareness to the unconscious forces that drive your behavior with your partner and keep you playing out old scripts, so you can break free of the old patterns and become the couple you want to be.  We'll use a variety of tools to explore your inner landscapes, and enhance your ability to build a more satisfying, intimate relationship We will teach you more about your selves, your inner world, and your partner's and help you build more effective communication skills. 


If you are looking to better understand yourself and your partner, and to find support and compassion for each other, we encourage you to call or email us to set up a free initial consultation to determine if couple therapy, couples coaching, couple intensives or retreats with us may be a good fit for you.    

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