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Awakening Your Healing Potential

Feeling stuck? Questioning how you ended up here again? Struggling to create deeper meaning in your life or relationships?  We may be able to help.  You may be feeling you are living the life you thought you wanted, but still feel something is missing.  Or you may be experiencing creative or spiritual blocks you can't overcome, yearning for deeper connections, or sensing a deep calling to change.  If so, we can work together to bring awareness to unknown patterns that may have you stuck.  Improving understanding of yourself, your relationships, and your past, can help you to remove obstacles to living your life the way you imagined.

We will work with you to bring awareness to the unknown forces that drive your behavior and keep you stuck, so that you may break free of old patterns and become the person you truly are meant to be.  We'll use a variety of tools to explore your inner landscape, emotional experience, and relationships to promote healing. 


If you are tired of feeling stuck and looking for support through deeper healing, we encourage you to call, text, or email to set up a free in-person consultation to determine if therapy or consultation with us would be a good fit for you.    

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