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With a master’s in philosophy, a master's in journalism, and writing for Futurama, I integrate philosophical counseling, narrative therapy, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed approaches to help clients get unstuck, bring more clarity, and live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

As a Philosophical Practitioner, I'm trained in Logic-based Therapy and recognized by the National Philosophical Counseling Association. I'm certified as a Philosophical Consultant, and trained to help clients deal with many kinds of problems (e.g., self confidence, finding meaning and purpose, creativity, spirituality, navigating relationships, divorce, parenting, and recovery). Learn more about Philosophical Counseling here. I use timeless concepts of philosophy with techniques of formal logic to help clients identify irrational beliefs keeping them stuck in unhealthy emotional patterns. With my training in Narrative Therapy I also help clients reframe narratives that may not be working for them so they may document meaningful aspects and aspirations for their lives. And with more than 25 years of professional writing experience, I have extensive experience in the archetypal processes underlying classic story structure and character development that mirror and illuminate life. Along with integrating the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model with individuals, couples, and groups, I also provide coaching and consultation services on a range of topics including Jungian archetypes, the Hero's Journey, and creative ways my clients can rewrite the narratives of their life stories.

I live in Fort Collins, Colorado and provide consultation services for people all over the world. I have formal education experience in the US, London, England, and Ontario, Canada, including a master’s degree in philosophy with a concentration in biomedical ethics and a master’s degree in journalism with a concentration in First Amendment Law. From travel writing to copywriting, from journalism to television writing on series like Futurama, from teaching Montessori to traveling around the world, I have an unusual breadth and depth of experience that helps me understand many different people, places, and cultures all over the world.  


I've spent a lifetime studying, teaching, and practicing the art and science of thinking and writing, specifically how we think about meaning and purpose in life, and how we tell ourselves and others the stories of our lives. It’s from these experiences that I discovered most people live lives that are too small for them, that they've created stories about their lives that leave them imprisoned in their own minds. I've realized most people, just as characters do, get stuck facing obstacles, enemies, and tests that can leave them feeling beaten down. Growing up in highly dysfunctional and unhealthy families of origin leaves people feeling trapped in personal, familiar, and societal mazes. I use narrative therapy and philosophical counseling principles to help people break down these inner walls, to find their way out of the maze, and to see there are a lot more possibilities in life than they imagined. I help them to identify the characters, archetypes, and plot lines they’re stuck in, to gain clarity and assist them in seeing beyond their irrational beliefs and current situations. 


You probably know that you're the hero of your own story. But do you know the other characters who are riding along with you? Do you know what effects they're having on your life? Do you know where those characters are in their development and where they are in facing their obstacles, finding their allies, and facing their enemies -- all of which are necessary for growth? Using a blend of parts work, logic-based therapy principles, narrative therapy and classic story structure and archetypes, I'll help you to explore your heroic story arc and the arcs of the characters inside of you that affect your life in ways you may never have imagined so that you may rewrite the story of your life.  


This is the work that I do as a counselor and consultant; the areas I've studied and trained in, alongside my lived experience and natural deep empathy, that guide my practice and help clients identify, explore, and rewrite the stories being lived out by the characters within them. This helps people reconnect or connect for the first time with their purpose, higher calling, and even spirituality, often through non-traditional paths.  


If you're feeling called to explore your own life story and the characters within you, to get unstuck from your patterns of thinking that leave you feeling unfulfilled in your work life and/or in personal relationships, or if you're seeking to live a more peaceful, self-aware, and meaningful life as you walk your journey with more purpose, feel free to call or email to learn more about my approach and to set up an initial consultation. 



  • M.A., Philosophy, Concentration in Biomedical Ethics, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

  • Philosophy, Year Long Study Abroad Program, King's College London, London, England

  • M.A., Journalism, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 

  • B.A., Philosophy, Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida


  • Philosophical Counseling Certification, National Philosophical Counseling Association (formerly the American Society for Philosophy, Counseling, and Psychotherapy) 

  • IFIO Intimacy from the Inside Out, Internal Family Studies (IFS) Institute Certificate in Progress  

  • Narrative Therapy, Dulwich Centre, Adelaide, Australia

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