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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We work individually and together to support individuals and couples, offering one on one, couples, and group formats for counseling, therapy, coaching and consultation. Together we support couples through workshops, intensives, and retreats, and while you can read about our individual work on our separate pages, here we'll share where we overlap, and a bit more about the work we do as a couple through our consultation business.

Given neither of us underestimates the importance of being a human holding space and witnessing for another human being's experience, we prioritize authenticity, presence, understanding, and support in our work with groups and couples. We work experientially, so working with us is not only about talking but with practicing skills for slowing down, being present, getting to know yourself and others, including your partner better. We provide a safe and supportive environment that meets you where you are. And we bring a lifetime of our own healing, inner work, sobriety, and experience to working with you. 


In our groups and couples work with clients using Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO) principles, along with our diverse training and experience in systems dynamics, couples work, attachment, narrative building, and spirituality, we bring together a unique perspective that above all else is real. We are creative, adaptive, innovative, and present which together provide a space for you to experience safety, support, and breakthroughs in your understanding and healing of yourself and your relationships. We love doing one on coaching and consultation with couples and are currently conducting initial consultations for couples looking for couples mentoring.


If you're looking to enhance your understanding of yourself, your partner, and how you work together as a couple, and are seeking to build skills that bring more safety, support and intimacy in your relationship as you become a more authentic version of yourself, we may be a great fit --  Call, text, or email us today to discuss how we may work together to best meet your needs.  

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