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Three Women

IFS Process Groups

Enhancing self understanding and social connection 

I am currently offering group therapy; groups are effective for supporting people in improving the quality of their relationships, as well as in increasing comfort with their own and others emotions, and in improving confidence in communicating with others in ways that support healthy closeness and intimacy in relationships. ​Group therapy can be helpful in addition to or in place of individual therapy; it can enhance feelings of connectedness, and reduce feelings of loneliness, stress and anxiety.  

​The groups I'm currently offering are all based in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy so familiarity with IFS or parts work is preferred but not necessary. IFS is an evidence-based therapy approach that honors we as humans are all comprised of many parts inside of us that have helped to protect us and our wounded parts from childhood and traumatic experiences. It honors that each part of us is worthy of being seen, understood and supported. IFS is helpful for group therapy because it provides

  • a shared language, structure, and group norms

  • a common language which enhances group cohesion & safety

  • a less stigmatizing approach for working with symptoms of anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc. and views them as part of us and not all of us

  • a way for us to speak for, and not from parts, which reduces risk of shame and increases likelihood of effective communication.

The goals of the IFS groups being offered are to help you to: 

  • learn more about yourself and your inner world, especially parts of you that come up in social settings and in relationships 

  • practice your IFS skills in being with and getting to know parts of you, and in learning to speak for them in a group setting 

  • make connections with others, find resonance and compassion with your own and others parts.   

​Overall, the purpose of these groups is to support you in deepening your understanding of yourself, your relationships, and how you communicate and build healthy connections with others.​

Call or email to inquire about upcoming groups or to set up a free consultation to learn more.    


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