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Enhancing self understanding through Astrology

I offer astrological consultation through a psychological and spiritual lens. Your birth chart is like a map of your soul, it's purposeful and can provide understanding of your lived experience. Connecting with the archetypes reflected in your birth chart and exploring where they're coming alive can bring clarity. It can help you make sense of your past and present circumstances, grow your connections to the universe, and provide support as you navigate your life direction. I use Analytical and Archetypal Psychology, alongside Evolutionary Astrology to provide clients support in self understanding.   

I offer consultations including the following:

  • Natal/Birth Chart 

  • Transit/Current Moment 

  • Guidance/Direction

Call or email to inquire to set up a free consultation to learn more.    

(970) 658-0661

405 E. Prospect Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80525

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